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Floor Scrubbing
Using the latest equipment and detergents to cut through, loosen and remove dirt, grime and grease, even if it has been ingrained or has built up over time.

Utilizing the latest sweeping equipment we can maintain dusty floors, parks, warehouses providing many benefits such as health and safety requirements, site image.

Water Blasting
Almost any surface for any reason. We have the experienced and friendly crew to water blast for what ever reason you have. We also have other services that you may require before and after water blasting.

Dry Ice Blasting
The cleaning method of the future. This method is both powerful and gentle being used on everything from rust removal on steel structures to delicate work on electronics. The upside of this method is it leaves no cleaning residual waste and is environmentally friendly.

High Level Dust Control
We can look after all your dust control requirements. Whether regular maintenance or just a one off. We can help get you sorted.

Line Marking
We can sort out your line marking needs from surface preparation through to painting of the lines.

Joint Filling
Filling the cracks in your concrete structures

Car Park Resurfacing
Call us today to talk further about this

Spout Cleaning
We can get rid of the debris built up over the years and stop the deterioration of your building’s spouting.

Graffiti Removal
We have a special methodology for removal of graffiti and have had great success with this.

Machinery Painting
We can paint your forklifts, irrigators, trailers, trucks and cars etc.

Building & Window Cleaning
A simple yet magnificent way to ensure your business is always clean, tidy and presentable. Your staff and clients enjoy a cleaner and healthier environment, show you care about presentation and have that extra sparkle.

Slip Trip Fall Prevention
ISS are delighted to offer this service as it is an easy solution for high risk slip areas. Installation is quick to ensure minimal interruption to daily work activities.

Bacteria Control
ISS use safe methods with MAF and Dairy Industry approved chemicals to guarantee not only your daily requirements are met, but that industry standards are maintained ensuring appropriate accreditation’s gained by your company remain in place.

Yard Maintenance
We offer assistance with all general yard maintenance tasks and other ground care maintenance. No job is too big or too small as we are happy to assist while endeavouring to be the “one stop shop” for your industrial maintenance requirements. We can:

  • Garden
  • Weed
  • Weed spray
  • Mow lawns
  • Supply and lay weed mat
  • Supply and put down bark


If you have any questions about any of our services please fell free to Email us or Phone 0508 793 3737 anytime.