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Line Marking

For Maximum visibility

Specialists in Line Marking

At Industrial Scrub & Sweep we offer a cost-effective line marking service and line removal. In today’s highly competitive environment, first impressions are important. If your car park consists of hard to follow road markings, you could be turning away potential business.

From re-marking an existing car park, to setting-out a new parking area to your exact specifications, Industrial Scrub & Sweep can provide high quality, visible and durable markings that ensure your customer’s first impression is the right one.

Line MArking

Pavement Marking

We have the expertise to get your pavement striped accurately and cost-efficiently. With longevity of your investment and liability in mind, you can have confidence that your visitors and employees know how to enter and exit your property, intuitively.

Moreover, we can produce a variety of symbols, lines and signs to the highest of standards.

Safety First Markings

safety First

Pavement markings are key to ensuring safe traffic flow and we can help you get pedestrians safely to and from their parked cars.

Create a safe parking environment for both vehicles and pedestrians with clearly marked parking spaces, pedestrian crosswalks, walkways, elevator access and non-parking areas. Furthermore we use high-quality materials for maximum visibility and durability.

Wheel Stop

Wheel stops are crucial asset-protection features of any parking. As they keep vehicles within the boundaries of a parking space, these barriers prevent damage to your property and other cars. Professional installation and maintenance are essential to protect your paved assets and reduce your risk of liability.


We specialize In...

Non-slip painting

Waterproofing Coatings

Low Odor Coatings

highly visible letters

stenciling and logos

Clear and reflective lines