Industrial Scrub & Sweep

Confined Space Cleaning

Confined Space and Gas Detection

We offer experienced and trained professionals for working in confined spaces as an entrant or observer for professional cleaning of silos, tanks, vessels and industrial production bins.

Furthermore, we have the knowledge and technical skills to effectively plan, observe and safely enter a confined space.

Additionally we can also offer atmospheric testing to determine a suitable atmosphere exists to work safety.

Prior to entry we will:

Confined Space cleaning

Don't Risk your Safety

Safety is essential when entering and cleaning within a confined space and that is why all our staff are highly trained for entry into and working within enclosed spaces.

Confined Space

What is described as a confined space?

According to WorkSafe New Zealand:

Examples include: storage tanks, tank cars, process vessels, boilers, silos, pits, pipes, sewers, shafts, ducts and shipboard spaces.